Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hand-Lettered Sorted Landry Signs + Tutorial

Hello again :) I don't know about you, but it's been snowing all day where I am.  I am so ready for spring.  Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy if it was never snowy or cold again.

Anyways, I've been crafting all day and I now have a fun little tutorial for you!

So we've got one of those 3-sorter laundry basket things and my boyfriend, bless his little heart, can never seem to remember which is which. I thought it what a perfect opportunity to make some cute hand-lettered signs!

Aren't they adorable?!


So I'll be showing you how to make the "Colors" sign in this tutorial :)

Here's what you'll need
 a sign of some sort (mine are chalkboard signs from Target's dollar section), permanent chalk markers (also from Target), a regular lead pencil, a ruler, and a really good eraser.

Step 1
 Make a simple grid on your sign using the ruler and pencil. This makes it easy to keep your lettering even and aligned.

Step 2
Using your pencil, make the path that you want your lettering to follow 

Step 3
Add the lettering (also in pencil) - just simple lines for right now, you'll fill them out later. 

Step 4
Add your designs around the lettering using your pencil.  You can do whatever kind of design you want, but this is what mine looks like. 

Step 5
 Use your pencil to begin filling out the letters. It doesn't have to be perfect, that's the beauty of vintage-style lettering.

Step 6
Now you are ready to begin using the chalk marker! You can fill in either the letters or designs first, it doesn't really matter.  Try not to drag your hand over the spots you've just done because you could end up smudging them if they aren't quite dry yet.  Although, if you do make a mistake that's what the eraser is for.  You might have to rub pretty hard, but it'll come off.  If it doesn't, try moistening the board a little and then erasing while it's still wet.

Step 7
If you want to, you can probably just stop here. But if you want some color then...

 Step 8 (optional)
Pick up a couple colored permanent chalk markers while you're getting your supplies so you can fill in your letters with a bit of color

& viola! Now your boyfriend won't confuse the laundry baskets (or is that just my boyfriend?) ;p

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