Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bedroom Organizing Ideas

Hello, there :) As my first post, I'll be sharing some easy and super effective bedroom organizing tips, tricks, and ideas (with pictures!)

If you have a bed too low for a side table, or you don't have enough room for one, or you just don't want on, then try this! Any magazine holder or basket will do (I got mine from Target in the dollar zone).  Nail or hook it to the wall and viola! Perfect storage for your cell phone, charger, TV remotes, water bottle, and (if you're like me) your burts bees chapstick that you cant be more than a foot away from ;p
This is how it looks from further back. Clean and cute!
As girls, we tend to accumulate a lot of clothes. It can get pretty difficult to keep them organized, especially if you're working with a particularly small closet! But I've found some easy tricks to keep things looking clean (for the most part anyway)
Try to use every bit of wasted space! Put your shoes on tall racks (got my 4-shelf rack from walmart) in the back of the closet to utilize more vertical space instead of floor space. Point the toes of the shoes out so that you can see what they are easily without having to rifle through.  Boots take up a bit more room and don't work so well on regular shoe racks.  I used a simple wire frame standing shelf (got mine from the kitchen section at walmart, believe it or not) for my boots.  That way, they're neatly stacked and the shelf frees up some floor space for more storage that would otherwise be wasted.

 If you have a smaller dresser or shelving unit like I do, that will work well for the back of the closet too! It utilizes the wall space that would otherwise be wasted. Use drawers or just stack stuff on the shelves like I did with my sweatshirts. Only hang the clothes that need it because folded clothes take up less space than hanging ones. Also, organize your hanging clothes by colors so that things are easier to find, like I did with my tank tops and dresses on the right.

These nifty baskets (Target $1) are perfect for separating my workout clothes! Tank tops in one, Tees in another, shorts, long pants, and sports bras. You could label them too, but I color coordinated them instead (tops in blue baskets, bottoms in black).  The best part is that up to 4 baskets barely fit in one cubby so I can pull out exactly what I'm looking for without having to rifle through a whole stack. 

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